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Okay, I know you shouldn’t start an article with “woohoo” but I am so excited I just had to “woohoo”.

There is a new version of Pride and Prejudice out on Blu-ray!!!  It is the Pride And Prejudice: Keepsake Edition Blu-ray and includes new featurettes.

The mini-series is the granddame of period costume dramas.  In my opinion, if this version of Pride and Prejudice hadn’t been made then Downton Abbey and other period costume dramas would never been made.  This film has inspired countless other period costume dramas and for good reason.

In 1995, the BBC and A&E collaborated in to bring Jane Austen’s clasic 1813 Regency romance Pride and Prejudice to television.  It stars Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (((swoon))) and American Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet.

I remember watching it on PBS and being mesmerized.  The costumes and the music were wonderful.  It was charming and captivated and you could lose yourself in Regency romance for a few hours.  The story was told almost just like the book which is always admirable.  And who can forget the Pemberly pond scene!!! Okay.  So, that wasn’t in the book but in my mind, Jane Austen would have approved of that little bit of delicious artist licesne.   I just had to buy the VCR version of the series.  It was 5 tapes long and was $89!!  That was a lot of money for 1995 but so worth it.  Shoot, that is a lot of money for 2014!  And then it came out in DVD and I bought that and that was worth the money.  The Blu-ray came out but I never got around to getting that version but it was always on my Christmas list.  But I will certainly be getting this version.

The Blu-ray extras include ” ’Pride and Prejudice:’ A Turning Point for Period Drama,” “The Definitive ’Pride and Prejudice,’” “Love or Money? Courtship and Marriage in ’Pride and Prejudice,’ ” “The Music of ’Pride and Prejudice,” “Lifestyles of the Wealth in Early 19th Century England,” “Technical Restoration,” and “Lasting Impressions.”

“Pride And Prejudice: Keepsake Edition” Blu-ray Set is $29.99 and available at Shop PBS.  And if you act quickly, you can get 20% off until 11:59pm PT on 2/10/14.

~~~ Happy Shopping ~~~