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Downton Abbey has old and new characters this season.  Among those new characters are three handsome men who happen to be inside the February issue of Vogue.  Julian Overden (aka Charles Blake), Tom Cullen (aka Anthony Foyle, Lord Gillingham), and Gary Carr (aka Jack Ross) are seen looking dapper and picture perfect.


They even dished about their time filming Downton.

Cullen, on refining his natural Wales accent to that of a British aristocrat: “I pretend to be my English grandmother. She’s so posh her jaw doesn’t move when she speaks.”

Ovenden, on the contentious relationship between Charles Blake and Lady Mary: “He stays in the house, which is awkward, but they discover things about each other that are perhaps less different.”

Carr, on his character possibly encountering racism: “As a black man in the twenties, he’s already a celebrity. He doesn’t have such a chip on his shoulder. He’s wearing tails and sharp suits. It’s really great.”

Looking good, gentlemen.