Have you ever wanted to smell like a true Downtonian or look like Lady Grantham?  The wait is over thanks to Marks & Spencer. 

The UK store will be launching a 10-piece gift collection, which includes soaps, a scented candle, lipstick, crème bath and nail varnishes.  Each item’s packaging features delicate floral designs in rich tones of gold, emerald and burgundy, capturing the ornate Downton Abbey look and the classic elegance and charm of the Edwardian era as well as an image of the iconic Abbey. There is also a quote from the series, such as ‘I’d expect no less’ on the Downton Abbey Guest Soaps.

'I'd expect no less': Downton Abbey Signature Soaps (£6)

‘I’d expect no less’: Downton Abbey Signature Soaps  (£6)

Downton Abbey Fragranced Candle
Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Collection
 The Downton Abbey Fragranced Candle (£8.50) and the  three-shade Lip Gloss collection (£9.50)

The products will be available at 250 M&S stores across the UK and cost from £5 for the lip balm set -£49.50 for the  luxury collection set.

'No one wants to kiss a girl in black': Downton Abbey Lip Balm Duo (£5)‘No one wants to kiss a girl in black’: Downton Abbey  Lip Balm Duo (£5)

The maker of Downton NBC Universal has signed a two-year merchandising deal with M&S, so we will likely see more  Downton based products on the shelves.  Hopefully, these products will make the jump over the Pond into US stores!!!