Downton Dazzles on SAG Red Carpet


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Downton Abbey was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.  And although the show didn’t win this year, the stars of Downton Abbey dazzled everyone on the red carpet.

Michelle Dockery left Lady Mary in the dust in this low-cut stunner of a dress.Fabulous frock: Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery looked stunning as she arrived on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet in a monochrome dress on Saturday night

Lady Edith may be the middle child but there is no way Laura Carmichael could be overlooked in this dress.Golden girl: Laura Carmichael looked radiant in a glistening golden gown

Sophie McShera may be dowdy in the Downton kitchen but on the red carpet she is glamorous.
Little Black Dress: The Downton Actress looked stunning in a black full-length gown on the red carpet

Well done, ladies!!!  You look marvelous!!

Congratulations Dame Maggie Smith!


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The Screen Actors Guild Awards were on last night and Downton Abbey’s very own Maggie Smith won for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.


She was up against some tough competition also.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series

CLAIRE DANES / Carrie Mathison – “HOMELAND” (Showtime)



MAGGIE SMITH / Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham – “DOWNTON ABBEY” (PBS)

Unfortunately, Downton Abbey did not win in its nominated category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.  The show was up against Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Breaking Bad (AMC), Game of Thrones (HBO), and Homeland(Showtime).  Breaking Bad ultimately won.  I guess Meth Dealers beat Aristocracy these days.  There is no accounting for a lack of taste in Hollywood.

Merchandise Monday – Cards for the Discerning Downton Fan



Have you ever wanted to show your friends and family a card but also wanted to show them your love of Downton Abbey?  Well, my Downton friends, I have found the cards for you to send your friends and family with  lots of style and pinch of panache and a lot of Downton pride.

These cards from Foxy and Winston would make great Valentine’s Day cards to let your sweetheart know that although you don’t want to be disturbed when Downton Abbey is on, you still love them.


Another variation on the same card, if you want to be a bit more whimsical

Valentines Card I Love You More Than Downton Abbey  5 x 7 Greeting Card

Sometimes you just can’t avoid a bad pun when it is your favorite downstairs Downton couple.

Downton Abbey Card. Free Shipping

It is always appropriate to send a Countess zinger to your friends.

Downton Abbey Notecard

Downton Abbey Notecard

These cards will definitely show your quirkier side.

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Pharaoh & Lord Grantham

Downton Abbey Birthday Card: Mrs. Patmore's Speciality, Layer Cake for a Lady with frosting and candles

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Lavinia Swire

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Lady Violet Crawley

And the next time you aren’t in the “mood”, just use this card instead of using that old headache excuse.

Not Tonight Dear Downton's On, Downton Abbey Greeting Card

Just click on any of the cards to purchase them.  I linked them for your shopping pleasure.  And if you are wondering, I don’t know these sellers and do not receive any incentive for posting them.  🙂

Happy Shopping!!!!

Golden Globe Awards or Downton Abbey???


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Tonight there is a dilemma on what to watch.  Our beloved Downton Abbey is at 9 p.m.  No issue there.  It is a forgone conclusion that we’ll be watching the second installment of Season 4 to see what happens to Lady Mary and Lady Edith.  I do however feel a little bad for not watching the Golden Globe Awards show – which begins on NBC at 8 p.m. – since Downton Abbey is nominated for Best TV Series, Drama and I feel like I should show my support. (And lets face it, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are pretty funny hosts.)

71st Golden Globe Awards

Best TV Series, Drama


Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
The Good Wife
House of Cards
Masters of Sex

It wouldn’t be such an issue if Downton Abbey was shown on regular TV station but it is shown on PBS and that means NO commercials (or bathroom breaks) so there is no opportunity to switch stations.  Thank goodness for DVRs!!!

Enjoy your Sunday night indulgence of Downton goodness, my fellow Downtonians!!!  And good luck to the cast of Downton Abbey at the Golden Globe Awards.  We can’t wait to see “who you are wearing”!!

The Time is Near!!! Season 4 Begins!!!



It has been a LONG, LONG, LONG wait for U.S. viewers of Downton Abbey to see Season 4 but the wait is almost over!!  Tomorrow, Sunday, January 5th at 9 p.m. (Eastern time) we will finally get to see our favorite characters and how they have faired since Season 3.

When last we saw the residents of Downton Abbey, Lady Mary and Matthew were blissfully happy having just welcomed the newest heir of Downton to the world.  We were introduced to Lady Rose and all of her youthful exploits.  O’Brien was still causing problems – but a little foreshadowing of her future plans were introduced in the “Christmas Special”.  Tom Branson was “cavorting” with a house maid and, of course, Lady Edith was still having issues in the love department.  Poor Lady Edith.  And then of course, who could forget how Season 3 left us?  Poor Matthew was blissfully happy, dreamily driving along when the unthinkable happens and he hits a delivery truck – or a lorry for you U.K. viewers – and he dies on the side of the road.  Oh the horrors!!!  And that was shown on Christmas day, no less.  (I’m not sure I can ever forgive Julian Fellowes for that, even if I didn’t actually see it on Christmas Day like our poor U.K. Downtonians.)

But it is time to put all of that in the past and to find out what happens in Season 4!!! Will Lady Mary ever be able to get over Matthew’s death?  Will O’Brien still be causing problems at Downton?  Will Lady Edith ever find true love?  How are Lord and Lady G handling the death of the beloved Lady Sybil?  Will Tom Branson be able to move on from Sybil’s death?  Will Lady Rose cause more problems at Downton or will she be a breath of fresh air?  Will we ever be able to forgive Dan Stevens for leaving the show and forcing Julian Fellowes to ruin Christmas night for so many people by killing off Matthew???  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

Tune in tomorrow night to see if all of our questions will be answered.

I will be reviewing each episode of the show, so be sure to look for future posts on all the exploits of the residents of Downton Abbey.

Allen Leech branches out in horrow film In Fear


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Allen Leech, who plays former chauffeur and present estate manager Tom Branson on Downton Abbey, is moving to the big screen for his latest role in the chilling British horror film In Fear.  The move will be in theatres on November 15 and was directed by Sherlock director Jeremy Lovering.

Allen Leech plays Tom Branson in Downton Abbey

In the film, Leech plays Max, a local oddball who terrorizes a young couple when they get lost on their way to a music festival as it is becoming dark.

To keep the tension on set as real as possible, only Leech was given the full storylines so his co-stars Iain De Caestecker and Alice Englert would be realistically scared.

At first, the other actors weren’t quite sure whether to trust me or not,” he explains, laughing. I played the game that I didn’t know what was happening either. It was only in the last couple of days that they turned around and went, ‘You’re quite evil’. And that’s when they didn’t really hang around with me so much..

Allen Leech welcomed the chance to shed his nice-guy image from Downton Abbey.

Playing someone who’s so different from anything I’ve done before is really lovely, because you get to stretch yourself,” he says. “I got to go to a part of myself that, thankfully, I normally wouldn’t.

In Fear was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival this past January.  And according to, there are only three cast members.Allen Leech

Since I don’t do scary movies, my fellow Downtonians will have to go in my stead to support Allen Leech in his new endeavor and report back how it was.

Dan Stevens is a Hot Commodity in Hollywood


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Since leaving Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens is a busy boy!

Actor Dan Stevens attends the Guggenheim International Gala, made possible by Dior

He has tackled Broadway with The Heiress and television on The Tomorrow People.  He just wrapped production on the Adam Wingard movie The Guest and is awaiting a release date on the Liam Neeson film A Walk Among Tombstones.  You can catch him currently at the theatre in DreamWorks’ The Fifth Estate.

He even narrated Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which was released in time for Halloween on Audible.

An audiobook of Mary Shelley's &quot;Frankenstein&quot; narrated by former &quot;Downton Abbey&quot; star Dan Stevens is released for Halloween.

It doesn’t stop there!  He just signed on to Tom McCarthy’s indie drama The Cobbler with Adam Sandler as well as Night at the Museum 3 where he will play Lancelot.  (He will be filming The Cobbler first before he dons his armor as Lancelot Night at the Museum 3.)

I am dizzy just thinking about it all!

Happy Belated Birthday, Hugh Bonneville!



November 9th was Hugh Bonneville’s 50th birthday!!  And I missed it.  My apologies to Hugh for being a few days late.  But as I like to say, “better late than never.”

As we all know, Hugh Bonneville plays Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham on our beloved Downtown Abbey.

I wonder if Mrs. Patmore let Daisy make a birthday cake for Lord G?

Happy Birthday, Hugh!!!

Downton Abbey gets 5th Season!!!


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Downton Abbey

Come war and peace, Downton still stands and the Crawleys are still in it for another season!!!  Hooray!!

Just as season four of Downton Abbey is ending, ITV announced that Downton Abbey will be picked up for a fifth season.  Julian Fellowes will return to write the series, which is expected to air next year.

“We promise all the usual highs and lows, romance, drama and comedy,” said Gareth Neame, director of Downton Abbey creators Carnival Films.

It shouldn’t come as a complete shock though.  The latest series has had average viewing figures of 11.8 million.  And 12.3 million Americans tuned in to the finale of season three making it the highest-rated show of the day, and breaking the viewership record for broadcaster PBS.  With numbers like that, the producers would be crazy not to continue Downton Abbey for at least one more season.

I, for one, will go out on a limb and state with no hesitation that I will be watching season five of my beloved Downton Abbey.   Will you do the same?

Merchandise Monday – Downton Abbey DVDs


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Downton Abbey Season Four finished tonight in the U.K. and the rest of the world is still waiting patiently for January 2014 to get here so we can watch our favorite show.

Although I must confess, I did sneak a peek at Season Four.  I’m sorry!!!  I just couldn’t help it.  But my fellow Downtonians, who play by the rules, this will continue to be a spoiler free zone.

To add insult to injury, the DVD of Season Four is available to be purchased by our lucky U.K. neighbors.  (This will probably change in the next few days if you are willing to pay the overseas shipping costs.)

Sadly, the rest of the world must be satisfied to pre-order the DVDs on  At least we won’t have to wait for the entire season to be finished before the Season Four DVDs are shipped – only until January 28, 2014.

Masterpiece: Downton Abbey Season 4 DVD (U.K. Edition) (2013)
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $34.96
Released on January 28, 2014

Happy Shopping!!!