Have you ever wanted to show your friends and family a card but also wanted to show them your love of Downton Abbey?  Well, my Downton friends, I have found the cards for you to send your friends and family with  lots of style and pinch of panache and a lot of Downton pride.

These cards from Foxy and Winston would make great Valentine’s Day cards to let your sweetheart know that although you don’t want to be disturbed when Downton Abbey is on, you still love them.


Another variation on the same card, if you want to be a bit more whimsical

Valentines Card I Love You More Than Downton Abbey  5 x 7 Greeting Card

Sometimes you just can’t avoid a bad pun when it is your favorite downstairs Downton couple.

Downton Abbey Card. Free Shipping

It is always appropriate to send a Countess zinger to your friends.

Downton Abbey Notecard

Downton Abbey Notecard

These cards will definitely show your quirkier side.

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Pharaoh & Lord Grantham

Downton Abbey Birthday Card: Mrs. Patmore's Speciality, Layer Cake for a Lady with frosting and candles

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Lavinia Swire

Downton Abbey Time Machine Notecard: Lady Violet Crawley

And the next time you aren’t in the “mood”, just use this card instead of using that old headache excuse.

Not Tonight Dear Downton's On, Downton Abbey Greeting Card

Just click on any of the cards to purchase them.  I linked them for your shopping pleasure.  And if you are wondering, I don’t know these sellers and do not receive any incentive for posting them.  🙂

Happy Shopping!!!!