It has been a LONG, LONG, LONG wait for U.S. viewers of Downton Abbey to see Season 4 but the wait is almost over!!  Tomorrow, Sunday, January 5th at 9 p.m. (Eastern time) we will finally get to see our favorite characters and how they have faired since Season 3.

When last we saw the residents of Downton Abbey, Lady Mary and Matthew were blissfully happy having just welcomed the newest heir of Downton to the world.  We were introduced to Lady Rose and all of her youthful exploits.  O’Brien was still causing problems – but a little foreshadowing of her future plans were introduced in the “Christmas Special”.  Tom Branson was “cavorting” with a house maid and, of course, Lady Edith was still having issues in the love department.  Poor Lady Edith.  And then of course, who could forget how Season 3 left us?  Poor Matthew was blissfully happy, dreamily driving along when the unthinkable happens and he hits a delivery truck – or a lorry for you U.K. viewers – and he dies on the side of the road.  Oh the horrors!!!  And that was shown on Christmas day, no less.  (I’m not sure I can ever forgive Julian Fellowes for that, even if I didn’t actually see it on Christmas Day like our poor U.K. Downtonians.)

But it is time to put all of that in the past and to find out what happens in Season 4!!! Will Lady Mary ever be able to get over Matthew’s death?  Will O’Brien still be causing problems at Downton?  Will Lady Edith ever find true love?  How are Lord and Lady G handling the death of the beloved Lady Sybil?  Will Tom Branson be able to move on from Sybil’s death?  Will Lady Rose cause more problems at Downton or will she be a breath of fresh air?  Will we ever be able to forgive Dan Stevens for leaving the show and forcing Julian Fellowes to ruin Christmas night for so many people by killing off Matthew???  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

Tune in tomorrow night to see if all of our questions will be answered.

I will be reviewing each episode of the show, so be sure to look for future posts on all the exploits of the residents of Downton Abbey.