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Monday means MERCHANDISE!!!!  And really, who doesn’t like pretty things???

I happened to get a Victorian Trading Co. catalog in the mail the other day.  Not sure why because I have never heard of the company.  As I was thumbing through the catalog before I put it in the recycling bin I happened to notice the words “Downton Abbey”.  Well that got my attention.  Upon further inspection I found some affordable and pretty jewelry under the trademark of Downton Abbey.  What a happy occurrence!!!

So, if you ever wanted to feel like a Crawley but your budget didn’t permit it, the following might just be your ticket.

23060Downton Abbey Brooch  $29.95

23065Lady Edith’s Bell Necklace  $29.95

23064Downton Abbey Estate Bracelet  $29.95

23059Downton Abbey Jeweled Heirloom Silver Necklace $39.95

23063Downton Abbey Hair Barrettes  $19.95

23061Lady Mary’s Crimson Earbobs  $39.95

23062Downton Abbey Crimson Bracelet  $29.95

Being the savvy shopper that I am, it is a little concerning that aren’t any descriptions of the items.  No sizes are mentioned or what exactly the jewelry is made out of.  (I am quite certain with those prices they aren’t 14k or sterling.)  So with everything – caveat emptor.

Happy Shopping!!!