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It is time for the Americans to arrive at Downton Abbey for the filming of the Christmas Special!!!  Shirley MacLaine, who plays Cora’s American mother, and Paul Giamatti, who is making his Downton premiere as Cora’s playboy brother, join their British counterparts for some drama.

And It looks like everybody is enjoying the picnic including the newest trouble maker, the new governess, played by Daisy Lewis.  Oh my, the trouble she is going to cause!!!

On a side note:  As an American, I just can’t get used to calling this a Christmas Special.  Yes, they show it on Christmas Day but to me a Christmas Special is about Christmas and not shown just on December 25th.  I want the Christmas Special to have the tree and presents and everyone in the holiday spirit – not set in the summer and killing off people in car accidents.  Just my two cents from across the pond since it doesn’t really affect me since I won’t see it until February/March.

Fresh meat: Paul Giammati joins the cast with young British actress Daisy Lewis

High society: Shirley pops on a feathered cap as her character hosts a society picnic
Change of style: Paul usually plays bumbling characters, but as Harold, he becomes a bit of a maverick
Troublemaker: Daisy's character plays a scheming governess who is rumoured to strike up a relationship with widowed Tom Branson

TV buff: Daisy has starred in Doctor Who, Lewis and Borgia as well as indie film Pusher last year
Modern times: Sophie McShera puts on some sunglasses that certainly wouldn't have been around in her character Daisy's time
Perambulator: Two extras push some old-fashioned buggies across a field

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