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Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has spawned many “sequels”.  Some good; some not so good.  P.D. James’ suspense novel “Death Comes to Pemberly” is one of the better ones and is being made into a TV mini-series.  Filming started last month in Yorkshire and due to air this Christmas.

The story picks up six years into Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage as they prepare for their annual ball. When Lydia arrives, she brings a shocking halt to the proceedings and a murder investigation unfolds.

Matthew Rhys has been cast as Fitzwilliam Darcy and Anna Maxwell Martin has been cast as Elizabeth Darcy (Nee Bennet).  And it seems that Ms. Martin has confessed that she is quite scared about taking on such an iconic Jane Austen character – as she should.  Elizabeth Bennet is one of the most beloved and cherished literary characters ever.  But I have every faith in Anna’s abilities since she has already proven her acting chops playing Cassandra Austen, Jane Austen’s sister, in Becoming Jane.  (And I love her in Bletchley Park!!)

Anna Maxwell Martin is nervous about her reception as Elizabeth Darcy

Anna said: “I do feel quite a lot of pressure. The only kind of respite is that she is Elizabeth Darcy now, so it’s seven years on. But Matthew Rhys who plays Darcy and myself are both a bit ‘Ahh! we’ve been miscast.’ It’s quite scary.”

But she added Matthew was a “dream” as heartthrob Mr Darcy.

Now, between you and me, I am a little apprehensive about Matthew Rhys playing Mr. Darcy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like him.  He is a fine actor and I am sure with a period costume on he will become Mr. Darcy.  But that doesn’t mean I will be able to picture him in the role until I see him.  I will always and forever remain faithful to Colin Firth as my Mr. Darcy.  I can’t help it!!!  Don’t judge me.