She may be 45th in line to the throne but she is also one of the newest cast members of Downton Abbey.  Flora Ogilvy, is the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, who is the Queen’s cousin.  Her father, James, is the Queen’s godson.

Flora-far-right-at-Buckingham-Palace-for-Trooping-The-Colour-in-2011Flora (far right) at Buckingham Palace for Trooping The Colour in 2011 

Now don’t get too excited,  the 18 year old blonde beauty is only an extra in an scene but that is one step closer to the Dowager Duchess than I am.

Flora is on her gap year and is due to start at St. Andrews University in September just in time for the U.K.  Downton Abbey Season 4 premier.  I can only imagine the viewing parties that will be taking place on campus this year.

“There’s a lot of excitement among the royals and they will almost certainly be watching the new series now,” said a Downton Abbey insider.

“Everyone’s really proud of Flora for bagging a role in such a big show at such a young age and for doing it off her own back.” Another said: “Downton was already the poshest show on the box but having actual royalty pushes it onto a whole new level.

“Tourists love that Britain has a royal family so this will only give the show even more appeal to the worldwide audience, especially in America where it has a huge army of fans. Flora has made a good impression during her time on set so there’s a good chance she’ll get asked back for future series.