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Every Downtonian knows the theme to Downton Abbey.  Every time we hear it we get a little flutter in our hearts and we know we are in for an hour (or sometimes 2, if we are lucky) of glorious period drama.

Did you know that the theme song now has words and it is featured on the Downton Abbey official soundtrack?

Don Black wrote the lyrics to the theme song written by John Lunn and titled it “Did I Make the Most of Loving You.”

“I’d never seen the program, so I looked at an episode and the line just came out to me, ‘Did I make the most of loving you.’ It was a universal thought that seemed to apply to a lot of things,” Black said in a recent interview.

What do you think of the song?  This writer finds it to be hauntingly beautiful but does question the necessity for lyrics.  Maybe it will be intertwined into Season 4 in a meaningful way that will win me over.