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Forget Words with Friends or Candy Crush Saga!!  The cast of Downton Abbey is too busy playing Bananagrams to be bothered with such modern games.  And who wouldn’t love a game that comes in a cute banana carrying case???

Apparently, Michelle Dockery (a.k.a. Lady Mary) recently explained to The Sun that new cast member Tom Cullen (a.k.a Lord Gillingham – Lady Mary’s new love interest) brought the game along to the set of Downton Abbey and the rest is history.

“Tom has joined as Lord Gillingham and has brought in Bananagrams. It is like Scrabble but there is no board and you have to lose all of the letters in the pile. Maggie [Smith] and Laura Carmichael [Lady Edith Crawley] are really good. They usually win. Their vocabulary is bigger than mine I guess.”

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