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 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Alert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haunting: Daisy with Sybil poutRex

Rumors are spreading that Allen Leech’s character, Tom Branson, bereaved husband of Lady Sybil, is out of mourning and moving on.  Apparently, Actress Daisy Lewis will be hired as the governess for Baby Sybil, daughter of Tom and the late Sybil, and sparks will fly with romance quickly following.

Ms. Lewis had 2007 guest appearance in Doctor Who ­playing Javit and appeared alongside model Agyness Deyn as a drug-addict in the 2011 film Pusher.  She first met Downton creator Julian Fellowes when she appeared in the 2009 film  From Time To Time which he directed.

A source said: “Daisy will become one of Downton’s most prominent characters.  She wowed producers in her audition and they are delighted to have secured such  a brilliant young actress.

“Her romance with Tom will be one of the main storylines of the series. He  will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret affair.

“Tom will have an even bigger role in the new series after ­becoming the  estate manager of Downton.

“The writers know he is a very popular ­character and the ­viewers  were gripped by Lady Sybil’s traumatic death.

“In the Christmas special one of the new maids tried to kiss Tom although, at  the time, he wasn’t quite ready to move on.

“But viewers will see that’s all going to change in the new series.”

Things are getting hot and heavy at the Abbey.  Oh my!!!!!!