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Looks like a few things were leaked recently regarding the casting of every Outlander’s favorite red-headed Scot, Jamie Fraser for STARZ’s upcoming tv adaptation of Outlander.  It seems that Sam Heughan is it!!!!

The official Starz Twitter account confirmed as much on Friday with the tweet: “It’s #FollowFriday here at #Starz. Follow Sam Heughan (@Heughan) who will play the role of Jamie Fraser in #OutlanderSTARZ.”  (The tweet has since been deleted and Starz says no deal has been signed.)

But leave it to Herself, author Diana Gabaldon, to give us some hints on her facebook page and twitter.  In a series of Facebook posts, Gabaldon has endorsed his casting, defended him from doubters and even posted a shirtless photo of Heughan from a triathlon.

“I can’t confirm that the contracts are signed and Sam Heughan is officially Jamie Fraser,” Gabaldon wrote on Facebook. “But I _can_ say that he auditioned — and I saw the tapes. He was and is totally My top choice!”

(To see all of Diana’s facebook posts go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/AuthorDianaGabaldon/posts/565957493447091 )

If Sam Heughan is good enough for Herself then he is good enough for me.  What are your thoughts???